GeorgeFullard, jacket
George Fullard: Sculpture and Survival

Michael Bird

Pangolin Gallery, 2016
290 × 238 mm, 160 pp

Pangolin Editions was started in 1985 by Rungwe Kingdon and Claude Koenig in a ramshackle greenhouse in an Oxfordshire country garden. Their sculpture casting foundry grew rapidly from these modest beginnings and in early 1988 they acquired new premises in Chalford’s Golden Valley on the edge of the Cotswold escarpment. Doing this enabled them to meet the demand from artists for casting larger works and led to further expansion in order to accommodate sand-casting alongside the more traditional lost wax facilities. The following decades saw continuing research into casting techniques and the foundry can now select from six different methods in order to achieve the best result for each sculpture. An astonishing enterprise to visit. Michael Bird, with whom I have worked before, asked me to produce the book from initial meetings through to final printed and bound books.